I am Ruby Teulings, 39 years old, fascinated by fashion, colors, trends and luckily I have a certain feeling for that. With the spoon you would say …
My grandfather had a wholesale trade in fabrics and my father was a goldsmith. Actually, I think about fashion, possibilities and new creations all day long.
Almost 5 years ago I put on the naughty shoes and I tried to make a cardigan with wools of your own. This disappointed me a bit, I needed some help with that. But putting together colors, materials and combining with other items of clothing now keeps me busy every day. On the street I see in the corner of my eye what someone wears. Sometimes I think that the Dutch woman should dare to do something more, what do you think is really beautiful? Wear it and you will shine! Do not necessarily follow fashion, but see what suits you. The colors, the materials. Create your own look!